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The Week's Girl Links

Study: The presence of female politicians boosts aspirations, educational achievement of young women - This recent MIT study confirms what we've observed for years.  Of course, the next step is to make sure to Respect Women In Politics, Shall We?

Find Our Missing Shines A Media Spotlight Where It’s Sorely Needed - Racialicious profiles a great site looking to remedy the disparity in media coverage when those missing are children of color.

Teen Relationships - While a recent study from the CDC confirms the lowest teen birth rate in two generations, they also found that many teen girls didn't know Sex can cause pregnancy: Many teens unclear on the concept. Why?. Also, the new way to be Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password. This mom sees her daughter learning early how to deal with Heart Startles.

Girls at home - This week, we're sharing advice on parenting topics such as Grandparents Raising Girls, Sorting out Stepdaughter Snarls, Story-Telling: The Perfect Cure for the Winter Blues, and Tips for Kid Procrastinators or Dawdlers.  We'll also wrangle with questions on whether obedience is a sign of good parenting and What to Do When Your Daughter Is the Mean Girl?

Speaking of bullying, you might have noticed that the Supreme Court decided they would give No clarification in anti-bullying constitutional question. Not sure it gets at the legal issues or more challenging aspects of relational aggression, but we'll still celebrate how this Mill Creek Middle School Student Inspires Classmates Through Posts on Lockers.

Body Image - Yes, it's getting worse for girls both in the media and on the inside, as well.  In fact, Concerns over body image outrank school and stress for girls in Australia. As we looked at last week, part of the impact is through Stereotype Threat.  Some suggestions for intervening: The Right Way to Talk to Young Girls About Beauty and ideas specifically on Media and Tween Girls: Creating a Positive Influence.

The Girl Gamer Perspective: Marketing Messages Miss The Target - Lego isn't the only company off the mark in their assessment of girl audiencies.